You Don’t Have To Work Like Them

Lately I’ve seen a disturbing trend in IM and from some of it’s leaders. Post after post in my newsfeed is filled with people grinding, hustling, and working crazy hours during the night and on the weekend.

It almost seems like a badge of honor and people actually brag about working while on vacation with their families. A friend of mine shared something with me years ago that forever changed how I looked at those I wanted to learn and model my business from.

In a nutshell his advice was this – look at the person living the lifestyle you want, not the income you want. At the time I didn’t fully grasp this concept but the older I get I do. If you only want to chase money, then you have to be prepared to pay the price money chasers do.

You have to be willing to work the hours money chasers do and employee the staff they do as well. While it may appear that many “gurus” are one man shops nothing could be further from the truth.

Guys like Ramit Sethi have almost 30 people working for them and as a result have the added stress and worry about not just doing what’s best for the customer but also what it takes to cover their bottom line.

Chances are if you see someone coming out with offer after offer they have a large team behind the scenes making it all happen. And all of that comes with a cost – and it’s not just money.

Look, if your idea of a good time is working til the wee hours of the morning 7 days a week and taking your work with you around the world – do you thing.
It’s just not for me.

Instead I focus on working hard, but playing harder. While these guys grind and hustle their way 7 days I week I spend time working on what matters, enjoying my free time and connecting with those who are important.

Last night while they were working, I was enjoying a few beers with my friends Flatland Cavalry and that was after a lazy Saturday spent with family celebrating my sister in laws graduation and then a relaxing nap with my wife.

Imagine for a minute the message working all the time (especially on vacation) sends to those around you. Are your customers going to bury you at the end of your life? I highly doubt it.

I get it, you love what you do so much you love doing it all the time, but that is sure fire way to burn out both personally and professionally.

Instead, focus on building the business you want around the lifestyle you want to live. Be decidedly different, don’t follow the herd mentality and think you have to be like and work like everyone else.

You don’t need anyones permission to live the life you want while building the business you’ve always dreamed of.

Sure you MAY not make as much money as they do, but when you take your last breath you’ll know you made a difference not just to your customers, but also to the people who have supported you along the way. You will have lived a full life of not just work, but also hobbies, things you care about, and the people who mattered.

Find the person who lives the life you want, then find out how they’re able to make the money as well – not the other way around.

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