This Got Chris’s Panties In A Twist

Oh no … it looks like my last email made Chris angry.
Now before I share my reply, let me tell you why this reply had me laughing.

First, Chris isn’t forced to be on my list or in my life.

Regardless of that, Chris didn’t like the fact that I’ve decided to focus on what matters most to me, even IF that means improving my overall happiness in life and how I run my business.

But here’s the ironic part Chris seemed to miss. I said 5 figures a month represents total freedom and the ability to enjoy my life how I wanted to right?

Well, if Chris had done some middle school math he would see that that means my WORST year would still be $120,000 ($10k a month for 12 months) and if I really busted my ass I could make as much as $1,188,000 ($99k a month for 12 months) just making 5 figures per month.

Apparently that’s not good enough for Chris and people like him.

To them, people like us, who choose happiness, success, and a healthy profit over burning out, 10xing it, and bitcoin bros (more like shitcoin last I looked) are underachievers.

If that’s true, well I’m here to say I’m a proud underachiever.

I guess if I wanted to get my ego involved I could have pointed out to Chris I paid my first house off at 31, I am debt free except for the new house payment, have sold millions of dollars online, and a bunch of other accomplishments that only make me feel better.

But I didn’t, because Chris forgot the most important thing I’ve learned in 2018 and that is this … I’m only interested in the people walking towards the light, not away from it.

I lack the time, energy, and frankly emotion I had 10 years ago (when I started online) to try and drag people kicking and screaming into success.

I’m done with having a ton of employees, fancy funnels, paid traffic this and that and all of the other complications I once thought I needed to add to my life because they worked for other people or I had to do the same as person X.

This new direction is simply what works best for me and I believe it’s one of the easiest ways to start and sustain an online business. Oh and you can also make a shitload of money for not a ton of work which to me sounds a lot better than 594 Facebook Ad Sets to make an additional 3 cents per transaction (ugh).

So if you’re like Chris, here’s my reply to him (and you).
I hope you have a great weekend with your friends and family.


PS: I’m well aware that Frank the Tank and Ed Dale had a course called underachievers. It turns out they sold that company to Russell Brunson a few years back which means I’ve now stolen the name from 3 different smart people. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that means it’s legally mine now.

If not, I guess Russell and I can wrestle at the next ClickFunnels event.

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