The Best Thing I’ve Bought In 2017 – Marketing In Your Car Podcast

This is the best thing I’ve purchased in January 2017:

As soon as I bought it, I started to tear into the transcripts – because lets be honest who has 42.5 hours to listen to all the recordings :). I’ve gotten so much value from the transcripts that I spent my own money turning them into a full fledged kindle book for me to read through each morning.

Before I get out of bed, I simply turn on my e-reader and breeze through several episodes in a matter of minutes (instead of hours) and after each reading session my mind is buzzing with new ideas that I can start and implement quickly.

Here’s an example. In a recent episode Russell talked about taking your art (what you do) and turning it into a science (a predictable and repeatable pattern). In the episode he gave several actionable steps on how to do this and even explained how he used this same process with his Inner Circle members and to write his first book.

Minutes after reading about this, I had my own plan and process laid out to share with my team to get the same results that he did.

All that from a single episode.

And that’s just a single thing I picked up from the 257 lessons Russell Brunson shared here:

Life, business, time management, team building, scaling, success and yes, even the failures.

Where else can you learn from a guy who has been battle tested over the last decade and shares openly about the highs and lows of running a million dollar business for so cheap?

So here’s my advice to do – buy the MP3 player – and then throw it away. <shocked face>

Yes, I’m serious, because for me (and I bet for you) the hidden gold are the transcripts.

Not only will they cost you next to nothing – they’re something you can take with you anywhere and read whenever you need a boost, some direction, or just want to get your mind fired up.

To make it even easier, anyone who picks up a copy of the transcripts, just post below and I’ll send you a copy of the kindle book I had created out of them.

That way you can read them on any device at any time AND you can take notes, make highlights, and more so you can really use and absorb this information.

This has been one of the best things I’ve purchased this month and I can’t wait to see how it impacts you and your business as well.

Grab yours before midnight tonight (1/31):


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