Starting Again

Since last week I’ve received over 250 email responses (thank you for the replies btw) to me announcing that I’m heading in a new direction and want to dramatically change the way we interact and help each other.

Naturally, along with those emails, came your questions.

– How do I get started or start over?
– How do you prevent burnout and overwhelm?
– What opportunities do you focus on and which ones do you ignore?
– How to keep moving forward and actually accomplish your goals?

Your questions give me the perfect opportunity to preview how I to help you going forward.

So this Thursday, September 27th at 7pm CST (USA), I’m going to help you live and in real time to answer any and all of your questions.

For now, I’m referring to Thursday night as the first of our fireside chats and this one is on “Starting Again”

Here’s what you need to know about them:

1. Keep your wallet in your pants.

No fancy titles, no logos, sales pages or even slides. You get you, me, and 100% content only to actually help you and answer your questions vs a prepared presentation meant to just impress you.

2. This one is on me.

In the future, I’m going to charge $200 for these type of workshops, but this one is on me. Since it’s free, I’m not going to hammer your inbox with daily reminders to attend and I’m ONLY going to send out the replay via GoToWebinar so even if you can’t make it live to ask your questions, signing up now is the only way to get a copy of the replay.

3. You and your questions dictate the direction.

No prepared slide deck, no sales pitches, just you and your questions getting answered, your problems getting addressed and us working together to make a real impact on your life and business. YOUR QUESTIONS DICTATE THE DIRECTION, so bring them with you because I won’t be leaving until every question is answered.

You can sign up for Thursday nights Fireside Chat on “Starting Again” here:

Everyone that signs up will get a replay of the call and everyone that shows up will get their questions answered.

I can’t wait to hang out and chat Thursday night so we both can start moving in this brand new direction.

Again, this is 100% content, nothing is for sale, and this time it’s on me.

See you Thursday.


PS: For the “non-newbies” reading this, don’t worry I’m not just open to helping those just getting started. You can bring your questions too and I’ll be sending you a special email soon.

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