Shit Happens

So I sent you a couple of emails.

One telling you how I almost killed myself

One telling you to calm your tits – that I’m ok

That brings us to now …

This is not the original message I wanted to send you.

I had hoped to be able to tell you about this subscription box company I’m an investor in.

It went from 0 to 1000 customers in less than 90 days. For less than $500.

If that sounds like the hook of a salesletter or webinar – it’s because it is.

Well, actually it was.

See, we had a deal – I’d pick their brain and release a course on what they were doing.

Good. Good. Win – Win and all that.

Then I decide to change the plan.

Instead of the course, now I want to offer ongoing support, monthly calls, work, work and more work.

The founder says no.

I press and ask for bi-monthly calls.

Just 90 minutes every 60 days.

No again.

I walk.

No course.

The last 3+ months wasted.

Back to square one.

So here’s the new message I want to share with you – shit happens.

That above story (which is 100% true btw) sucks. It means an estimated loss of 6 figures, a recurring revenue stream, and something I could plant my flag on and make a name outside of just being the notes guy (which I love and am honored to do) all gone and completely out of my control.

All over 90 minutes.

And because I refuse to sell you a course without being able to support it when something goes wrong or without current knowledge of what’s working today.

I would never do that to you.

So shit happens.

Plan A got shot to shit (more about that another time).

Plan B got vetoed

So now we’re back to square one, we’ve hired some help, and we’re getting back on the horse … until the next time shit happens.

Keep your chin up.

Everyone gets knocked down, we’re just the ones to stubborn to get up and try again.

I’m rooting for you.


PS: Dating sucks. Like the worst thing ever. If you hate being married, you’ll punch yourself in the face before enjoying dating. Don’t do that. That shit hurts. Then you have to go on a date with a black eye and explain yourself.

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