Negative Consequences

Lately, in my life I’ve been focusing on the negative and how it can actually help me in my business.

Here’s an example.

My assistant and I are in the middle of a productivity challenge where we each submit a single item that have to do by 5pm the following day.

If we do that task – nothing happens.

If you don’t do the task – well that’s where it gets interesting.

See if we miss a deadline then we both agreed we have to donate money to a non profit organization.

Here’s the kicker – that organization has to be one that we can’t stand or would never endorse in our personal lives.

Guess what – so far we haven’t missed a day. In fact I dropped everything to write you this email before the deadline so I wouldn’t have to pay up.

The same goes in my personal life.

I have a little issue with eating late while over at a buddies house drinking adult beverages and such.

So the other day I told him “if you see me eating over here and we both didn’t agree on it – you have my permission to punch me as hard as you can in the chest.”

The result – zero eating.

Most of us focus on the carrot (the reward) but I’m finding in business and in life – making sure there is a big stick is helping me be more accountable and get more done.

The fear of loss and pain (losing money or getting punched in the face) is much stronger than the benefit (getting stuff done and not getting knocked out) and ultimately I get the reward in the end.

Think about this in your own life – what negative consequence could you setup in your business that would force you to be successful and get more done?

Once you have those lists, tell a few people about them and have them start holding you accountable.

Chances are, you’ll avoid those consequences and end up getting the reward (and benefit) instead.

This works for every part of your life: Money goals, business goals, relationship goals, and more. Put it to use.

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