My Frustrating GearBest & PayPal Experience

On November 10th, 2015 I placed a PRE-ORDER for a new computer with GearBest.


The PRE-SELL was going to end on November 20th, 2015 and then I could expect my computer to ship within 3 to 5 business days.

On November 20th, 2015, GearBest charged my Paypal account for the computer and sent me an email telling me that they would be shipping my computer within 3 to 5 Business Days.


When I had not received any tracking or shipping information from them by November 25, 2015 I reached out to them via their customer support desk.

According to Marva, they actually did not have the product in stock yet (even though they processed payment for it on the 20th) and they advised me to wait another 7 to 15 days for THEM to get the laptop I had ordered and then ship it to me.


When I wrote them back and told them that I didn’t understand how they couldn’t understand the demand for an item (you know, since they were taking pre-orders for it and knew how many to order) and that I wanted them to offer me a discount or upgrade my shipping to overnight they went silent and no longer returned my emails.

I reached out to them on 11/28. 12/1, 12/2, and 12/3 with no response.

On 12/1 I told them I needed to hear from them by 12/2 or refund my money.

When I heard nothing from them, on 12/3 I wrote them and asked them to refund my money.


I never heard anything from GearBest, so this is when I decided to involve PayPal.

I opened the dispute on 12/4 with PayPal and explained the entire situation to them.


I even went the added step of creating a PDF with all my emails and info about this transaction but guess what, PayPal wouldn’t let me attach it to the claim. It turns out you can only add documents IF PayPal asks you, not if you want to be proactive.

Well wouldn’t you know, the second I created the claim I got GearBest’s attention again and they finally started responding to me again.

They tell me that they STILL don’t have the product in stock and that they would be offer me a full refund (which I already requested) and request again from them.


But then something strange happens – I get a DHL notification of shipment from GearBest and they provide me a tracking number – AFTER I’VE REQUESTED A REFUND AND OPENED A DISPUTE.

So just a quick recap:

I ordered from them on Nov 10th
They charged me on Nov 20th (with nothing in stock)
I requested a refund from them on Dec 2nd
They created a shipping label on Dec 4th

I again contact GearBest and PayPal several times over the following week to get a refund. I get no response from GearBest (emails 12/5. 12/8. 12/9).

I finally hear from GearBest on 12/12/15 telling me that they had already shipped my computer (even though DHL showed nothing except a shipping label) that day and that they couldn’t refund me.

So I called DHL on 12/12/15 they said that NOTHING had been shipped and that only a label had been created. They had zero record of any shipment and only that the label had been created.

I call PayPal to inform them of this on the 12th and they tell me, despite me asking for a refund on 12/2/15 and despite the fact that NOTHING had been shipped to me, the fact they gave me a tracking number meant I needed to give them until the 14th to ship me my product or they would refund my product.

He actually told me that he wanted to close the claim for me but that he couldn’t and the only division that could help me didn’t work weekends.

December 14th comes – NOTHING HAPPENS.

So I wake up today, December 15th and guess what – the DHL website finally shows some movement on my order and I should get it on the 21st.

So what’s the problem?

Well – I asked for a refund BEFORE they created the shipping label.
They had my 4 refund request and ignored them all.
PayPal said even with that information, there is nothing they could do because they created a tracking number and that if the item wasn’t shipped by the 14th they would close the claim.

Here’s where it gets real fun.

So now I have a computer coming to me, that I didn’t want, that I requested a refund on prior to them shipping and now PayPal tells me there is nothing they can do to help me because the vendor did what they were supposed to.

Except they didn’t.

They took my money on the 20th, without having a product in stock and charged me for it. Then they ignored my 4 refund request, created a shipping label and took an additional 11 days to ship me the computer that I told them 4 different times I didn’t want.

Instead of helping me, PayPal is saying there is nothing they can do because despite everything above, the vendor shipped the product, even knowing everything above, PayPal was going to side with the vendor on this.

If fact the PayPal rep told me the only thing I could do is refuse the shipment and then they MIGHT be able to refund me my money.

So now, the only option I have to get my money back (guess that refund and dispute WAY before this didn’t matter) spend an entire day waiting for DHL to show up and hope to catch them so I can refuse a shipment.

All I can conclude from this entire process is this:

GearBest is a joke. They don’t actually send you the products you ordered when they say they will, they pre-charge your account even if they don’t have the product in stock and then when you request a refund, they ignore your request and then string you along with a shipping label that does nothing.

PayPal is 100% ok with this business practice (pre-charging my account with no product in stock) and even if you have WRITTEN PROOF asking for a refund from the vendor they do not want it.

They also are ok with keeping a claim open for 10 days with no movement and if they tell you they are going to close a claim on a certain date, they don’t.

Then if the vendor does send you something (even after you request a refund and open a dispute), IT’S ON YOU to wait for the product to arrive, refuse it and then go to PayPal to try and get your money back.

So far I’ve sent close to a dozen emails and called PayPal 5 different times on this issue NOT to mention the time it took me to write this post and call PayPal again about it.

If you value your time, do not order from GearBest and I would use your credit card over PayPal so you can actually get someone to help and respond to your issues.

BTW Paypal if you’re reading this here is proof of every conversation I had requesting the refund from GearBest that I TRIED to send to you, but you weren’t interested in.

I also have every call to you (except my last one) recorded if you want to hear those as well.

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