Matthew Kadish is an asshole – here’s why

So last night I got this email from Matthew Kadish.


It appears that he was upset that an affiliate sent him to my sales page to buy my product.

He was even more upset that for ten whole dollars he was not instantly handed millions of dollars.

To continue his excitement, he went on to call me a scammer and said “why don’t you engage me over email and exchange real tactis and I’ll consider not asking for a refund.”

Here was my reply to Matthew Kadish:

“What an abusive email towards me. I don’t want or need you as a customer and that scam product has produced more authors within the last 60 days than any other program.

And, for the record we don’t offer refunds on digital products and busy and successful people don’t mind spending the cup of coffee on it.

Now goodbye forever.”

I thought it was pretty straight forward. I don’t respond or do anything to help bullies or people who call me names and I certainly don’t give refunds to $10 products.

If you can’t afford to spend $10, you shouldn’t be working online in the first place.

Hell today I bought a $15 book. It could rock, it could suck – I have no idea and won’t until I invest in it and use it.

If it rocks – score.

If it doesn’t – oh well I’ll move on to the next one.

Well that wasn’t enough for Matthew Kadish because he then went on to threaten me some more by telling me he was going to talk with Paypal, JVZoo, and anyone else who would listen to him.

Matthew Kadish is an asshole

Now Matthew is showing his real ignorance and here’s why.

1. I’m friends with the JVZoo guys. They’ve supported me since day 1 and they even made this product JVZoo product of the day. They loved it, customers loved it.

2. Paypal DOES NOT protect buyers from digital purchases. Not only that it’s up to me (you know since it’s my business) to set the refund policy – which is zero.

3. I didn’t advertise it on Facebook, an affiliate did.

But don’t let a little thing like facts get in the way.

So what I am going to do about all of this?

Well … nothing.

I blocked his emails, a blacklisted him on JVZoo, and I’ve told all my JV Partners about him and showed them his emails as well.

Here’s the thing – this is my business and my rules. Just like you can’t come into my house and piss all over the place, you can’t start your engagement with me by calling me names, and then demanding I engage with you so that you don’t ask for a refund for a product that doesn’t offer it.

You also don’t miss off a guy who has a nice email list, solid JV connections, and no problem standing up to punks.

Matthew Kadish is one of those and despite his attempts to get this story taken off the web, I refuse to.

By the way, to be fair Matthew Kadish appears to be a published author of several titles on Kindle. Here are the first three that showed up to me:

Matthew Kadish Books

Classy book titles for a classy guy.

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