[Kindle] – What August Taught Me

A year ago when I got started in Kindle I set a simple goal – to make a thousand dollars in a single month.

In August, that dream became a reality.

August Kindle Sales

Here were my big takeaways from August:

1. Try different things. I’ve done children’s books, illustrated books, recipe books, erotica, romance, and now non fiction. Each time I’ve done a different book I’ve learned something that helped me in the next niche. This month was no different. I think it’s necessary for you to experience and try different niches and to learn from each experience.

2. Have a lot of ways to win. The bulk of my money last month came from a single book – the creativity checklist – but the other books sold as well. While they may never make me rich, these $20 ATM machine books consistently pay me month after month without doing anything with them.

3. Start the fire yourself. There is no way my book would have been as successful on it’s own without me starting the fire first. I made sure to line up reviews and promote the book hard to my target audience when it launched. Those three days of work have paid off ten fold. In fact, yesterday my book sold 102 copies but I did nothing to make that happen. It was 100% Amazon and I’m convinced the reason why they are promoting my book is it continues to sell well and continues to be highly reviewed.

All of that was strategic and none of it was left to chance.

I know the dream is to do awesome work and hope the world stumbles upon it, but the reality is the world is filled with noise and distraction and you must find a way to break through the clutter and stand out among the masses.

A beautiful cover, a strong hook or angle, and of course quality content will help you do so.

4. Stop playing. The summer is over, the kids are back in school, the sun is falling earlier and earlier each day. That only means one thing – it’s time to get to work. None of this happens without you and without you putting in the time.

If you want to work on a book yourself – now is the time.

If you want to outsource a book – now is the time.

Regardless of what you want to do, there will be no better time than the present to get started. The only thing you have to do is make whatever you want – a priority. That might mean getting up early, going to bed late, missing some TV or even family time.

You’ll either find the time or find an excuse – it’s up to you to decide which one you’ll choose.

5. You’ll soon be forgotten. No matter how awesome your book is or the content you share, you’ll soon be forgotten. That’s why you must consistently and constantly be producing new ideas, thoughts, and books to share with the world.

Keep reading, keep learning, keep being hungry and then share what you learn with the world.

The content from my book came from my personal experience. No one told me to write a book, no one said it was the right thing to do – I just did it.

And now I’m working on my next book, which will lead me to the next one and the next one and … well you get the idea.

6. Not everything works like you think it should. I’ll be honest, one of my fears of my new book is failure. What if it doesn’t do as well as the last one, what if it flops, what if people hate it. Here’s the thing, I won’t know the answer to any of those questions until I put in the work and see the results.

If you bombs – oh well, I’ll start the next book.

If it’s a hit – great, I’ll start the next book.

The goal is to celebrate the accomplishments while not pondering on the defeats. Consistency is the key. So take a few minutes, set your goal for September, and then make a plan to put it into action – now. Not tomorrow, not a year from now, but today.

Playtime is over, it’s time to get busy and get to work.


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