Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula – Review & Bonus Package

So today Jeff Walker opens up PLF for the last time this year.If you don’t know what that is, here is where you can find more about it:

For those of you thinking about buying I wanted to share my bonus here so you can make an informed decision (aka pick the best bonus that suits you the best).

Bonus #1 – Simple Little Business (The Foundation) – $695 Value
See it here:

If you bought this today it would be $695 by itself. This is the foundation for my online business.

When you’re done you’ll see exactly how I target and research new niches I’m going to enter and the 4 step process I take to get started.

I also share how you can immediately build a large list of interested people who will follow your journey and pay you while doing so.

Did I mention that I also share how to start getting real results for you and your customers along with built in stability and security with micro memberships?

It’s all there for you and you get IMMEDIATE access to this when you buy PLF through my link here:

Bonus #2 – Simple Little Business (The Elevation) – $695 Value
See it here:

This is a live workshop that has 3 more LIVE (aka no pre recorded monkey business) left and when you buy PLF through my link you’ll be able to join us live for the remainder of the workshops with me.

SLB Elevation is the next step in the SLB process where I show you how to take the information you already have and profit from it several different ways.

One off workshops (done a specific and strategic way), multi week immersion courses, and 30 day challenges – they all get shared and explained in depth and detail so you can start using them when you’re ready.

Not to mention I show you how you can do ALL OF THESE at once, and get paid in ADVANCE before you do any of the “hard work”.

During our time together, you also get full access to me, my staff, and fellow SLB members in our private FB Group and live Q&A calls.

Bonus #3 – Simple Little Business (The Apex) – $695 Value
(soon to be released)

Take Jeff’s PLF, put it on steroids, and you have SLB APEX.

This will be a live training, done the same way as previous SLB courses (Live Training and Q&A), and this one is ALL ABOUT LAUNCHES & Promotions.

What to know the fastest way to validate and launch an idea – I’ll show you.

What to see how we do internal launches that netted us an addition 157% increase in profits and had affiliates coming to us – I’ll share that with you to.

What to see how we did a 6 figure launch, in 7 days, with ZERO SOFTWARE or shenanigans?

I guess I’ll be forced to tell you that as well.

When we launch, we do it decidedly different than anyone else I’ve seen and as a result we make more money, have less stress, and frankly don’t have to beg for affiliates or promotions from others.

That is what SLB Apex is about, and that is what I am going to share with you. I screwed this up for YEARS so you save a ton of time, money, and energy when you do it like this.

Bonus #4 – Launch Plan Review & Boomerang – $499 Value

When you’re ready to plan out your launch or if you’ve just finished one and want my input, I’ll PERSONALLY jump on a call with you and go over everything. Sales copy, JV recruitment strategy, post launch money making activities and more – I got you covered.
When we get done talking you’ll have a crystal clear strategy for launching or a concrete plan on what to do differently next time.

Bonus #5 – Copywriting Review and Rewrite – $999 Value

This one is going to cost me money out of my own pocket because I am going to pay for my copywriter (the one who’s help me make a million dollars online) to personally review your copy and if necessary re-write your sales letter for maximum success.

Seriously this guy works with a who’s who if internet marketers and because of that you couldn’t even book him if you wanted to. But I can and I will to help ensure your launch is as successful as possible.

You two will get on a skype call or he’ll personally shoot a review video of your SL and tell you exactly how to fix it to ensure better results and potentially more money in you and your affiliates bank account.

By my community college math that’s $3,583 worth of bonues just for you when you grab Jeff’s PLF through my link:

Now because of the cost and time involved I’m limiting my bonus package to the first 10 (8 Sports Left) people who buy through my link.

I’ll update you in the a day or so if any of the spots are left but if you want to grab immediate access to all of these bonuses AND my personal help in making your launch successful do so here:


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