How To Overcome Amazons Summer Slowdown

The summer slowdown is upon us.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the summer slowdown, here’s a 30 second explanation of it and our plan on overcoming it.

Because soccer moms and dads are out more during the summer months with family and fun activities, they aren’t buying as many books as they normally do.

So from June to August, most authors notice a dip in overall sales of their kindle books.

While we haven’t experienced a slowdown in sales personally, I want to share with you our plans to ensure we finish 2014 strong.

The first thing we’re doing in investing heavily in outsourcing more books. Last month we outsourced 8 books. This month we’re on pace to do about the same. Instead of retreating, we’re advancing and scaling massively in select niches that have the highest probability of success.

Our goal by the end of summer is to have at least 12 titles in each of the various niches we are involved in. We’re doing this to help increase overall sales, decrease our risk, and setup a promotional schedule for the fall months that utilizes Amazon’s KDP program successfully.

*** If you’re just getting started I recommend getting a series of 3 books written or outsourced and then bundle them together to give you a total of 4 different titles. Then put your books up on Amazon (release one every two weeks) and use the Pump The Brakes program to promote them. ***

Next, in the niches that prove profitable, we are expanding our reach by setting up a website with a simple email capture. The goal there is to start pointing every customer to our website via our books, book descriptions, bundles, etc to collect their email address.

Typically, we offer them an ethical bribe (usually a free story or helpful companion guide) in exchange for their email.

Once we have their email we’ll email them asking them for book reviews, alerting them to our books on sale, and when we publish a new title – we’ll let them know as well.

If that proves successful, in certain niches we are even going to expand our reach by creating social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc) to revolve around our various brands.

The third thing we are focusing on over the summer is exploring new and profitable niches.

I saw a fellow author post this to his blog the other day


That got me thinking – if money wasn’t a concern what book would I like to write?

Because of that single question, I recently began a quest to enter a new niche that is close to my heart (and hopefully my wallet).

Finally, I’ve spent most of this month reviewing our research, outsourcing, and promotional processes to ensure we are using our time and money effectively. As a result we’ve changed a several key processes in our business.

For instance, we now are looking for books that have an Amazon Best Seller Ranking of 30,000 or below. In addition, we are looking for niches where books 60 pages or less are successfully selling. That the last thing we are looking for are niches where books can be successfully outsourced by subject matter experts or written by people with limited experience.

By doing these 3 critical things we’ve been able to sell more books in June than any other month this year. In addition, we’re positioning ourselves perfectly for the winter months and the return of soccer moms everywhere.

Most people rest and relax during the summer.

Don’t be like most people. Use this time to grow and scale your business like never before. Imagine being able to get a 3 month head start on everyone else. With this plan, you can.

Here’s to an amazing summer and a profitable 2014 in your kindle publishing business.

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