Grab This Free Album & Get This Lesson For Free

First, go get this damn EP from Grady Spencer of Grady Spencer and the Work.

Go grab it here:

It’s an acoustic, self recorded EP that just sounds amazing. I love acoustic albums because as much as I love the music the bands adds to an song, I love being able to hear the lyrics and the licks from the lead singer.

It’s 100% free and only cost you an email address. Don’t worry, Grady recently performed a show in my town and forgot all his merch to sell after the show. He’s not going to spam you to death.

Don’t worry, I can wait …

Back now, isn’t it awesome?

Once you grab the EP, it’s time for the lesson.

I asked Grady what he used to record the EP and doing some checking on the equipment he listed the setup would run about $1000 to $1500.

(I know poor musician will stop reading here. Listen this business takes money, so smoke a little less weed, do a few jobs, or ask your existing fan base to help you out to raise the cash – plus it’s a write off).

He’s using Noisetrade, which is a free service for artist to use to head spread the word.

Basically, you upload your music, tell people about it and then they can download it for free or leave a tip.

The band gets the email list, Noisetrade takes 20% of all tips (but they handle everything else for the artist – collecting the list, hosting the album, etc).

It’s really, really smart.

Here’s something even smarter.

Take that email list and upload it to Facebook so when your new album gets released you can create a custom audience and target them directly on Facebook.

Want to be even smarter?

Ok, do this.

Find bands that sound like or people associate with the current band.

So in Grady’s case, take the bands right from his Noisetrade page:


Target those bands and their fans on facebook and send them to download this EP.

When they do, you build your email list and following, without having to pick up a guitar or play a dive bar (although they are awesome to see live music in) to do so.

So for this investment a band could:

1. Build a brand new email list (to market to down the road when the full album is released).
2. Target other, similar bands and their fans to download the EP, building an email list … to market to them down the road.

I’ll even give you a turbo tip – if I were Grady, I’d find a guitar, an amp, or something musical, offer it for free as part of a giveaway to build an email list.

I’ve actually done this for a band and within two weeks we had a bigger fan page than they did AND a few hundred new email subscribers. All for about $5 per day.

But before you do any of that … go get this album and if you liked this article tip the band. I get nothing for it, but you get the karma of supporting amazing music:

PS: Any band wanting some help with this or other marketing stuff reach out to me, I love helping bands grow. And yes, I’ll be more than happy to help you out Grady when you get done reading this.


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