Ep. 21 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Beware Of The Buddha

This week Tim talks shares his “showered and ready” mixup at home PLUS talks about why you should be afraid of hiring budda’s in your business.

Ep. 20 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – JVZoo Event Recap + Business Shakeup

Tim recaps what he learned at the JVZoo event and the 5 major takeaways for his business. He also talks about empowering others and some major business developments Podcast: Play in new window | Download

[Kindle] – What August Taught Me

A year ago when I got started in Kindle I set a simple goal – to make a thousand dollars in a single month. In August, that dream became a reality. Here were my big … Read more →

Ep. 19 – How To Make The Best Of Live Events

This week Tim shares his tips and goals when it comes to attending live events and shares some pitfalls and embarrassing stories about his time in party land. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep. 18 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

In this episode, Tim talked about Hateraid Part 2 and why you should be looking at the opportunity cost of everything you do in business and life. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep. 17 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

In this episode Tim talks about ego and limiting beliefs and how they caused him to slowly hate his business. He also shares how to work on them and why he was the hater this … Read more →

Ep. 16 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim talks about getting sick, how simplicity is the key to success, and how Robitussin Nighttime DM is legit 😉 You should also check out: http://www.evolvedfinance.com/ for all your financial accounting needs Podcast: Play in … Read more →

Ep. 15 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

This episode Tim talks about HATERS and what you can do to properly evaluate, ignore, or respond to them. There is plenty of hateraid in this episode so get you a drink of it! Podcast: … Read more →

Ep. 14 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

In this episode Tim talks about how trying to keep up with everyone else lead to a huge problem in his business and his life – and how he overcame it so he could enjoy … Read more →

Ep. 13 – Two Drink Tim Podcast

Tim shares how he got out of debt, paid his house off at age 31, saved 6 figures in cash, and changed his life (and business) forever. He also shares the only two ways you … Read more →