Start Up Bros, 10x Hustlers, & Gurus Should Leave

Another decision I made recently is that I plan to continue going against a disturbing problem I’m sure you’ve noticed the past few years online: The problem of … – Start Up Bros – Software … Read more →

Did You Win The Deadpool?

Remember a few months ago when I was telling you how much 2017 sucked? Well 2018 went all “hold my beer and watch this ..” on me apparently because it hasn’t been any better. If fact, … Read more →

Kevin O’Connor & The Offline Assistant Ordered To Pay Legal Fees

I didn’t notice this until after my last post, but the Supreme Court of Texas sent a judgement to the lower court stating that Kevin O’Connor & The Offline Assistant MUST pay me for my … Read more →

Kevin O’Connor & The Offline Assistant LOSE At The Texas Supreme Court

Finally some good news and common sense from the Texas Supreme Court. Here’s a summary: 17-0437 Timothy Castleman and Castleman Consulting LLC v. Internet Money Ltd. and Kevin O’Connor from Lubbock County and the Amarillo … Read more →

Shit Happens

So I sent you a couple of emails. One telling you how I almost killed myself One telling you to calm your tits – that I’m ok That brings us to now … This is … Read more →

Doom and Gloom

Last week I wrote you a pretty bummer email explaining how 2017 was the worst year of my life. You can read it here if you missed it: First I want to take a … Read more →

The Worst Year Of My Life

2017 was the worst year of my life. At times, I thought I was secretly writing a country song. Other times, I just wanted to die. First, at the start of the year, my dog … Read more →

Ep 53: Two Drink Tim

Tim Castleman returns and tell you about a sudden death, the end of an 11 year relationship, abandonment issues, previews his new Alicia Castleman voice and so … so … so much more

Texas Supreme Court Appeal – Castleman Consulting Appeals The Offline Assistant Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Us

We battle on! This time to the Supreme Court of Texas where I am asking them to throw out the million dollar lawsuit Kevin O’Connor and The Offline Assistant have brought against me. We filed our … Read more →

American Airlines Flight 3595 Issues

Today I was suppose to fly out of Lubbock (LBB) on American Airlines Flight 3595 to Dallas and then AA Flight 2583 to Detroit. When I went to check in today, I paid an addition … Read more →