American Airlines Flight 3595 Issues

Today I was suppose to fly out of Lubbock (LBB) on American Airlines Flight 3595 to Dallas and then AA Flight 2583 to Detroit. When I went to check in today, I paid an addition $100 to fly first class to Detroit on top of the additional money I had already paid for an economy plus seat (aka no middle seat).

When I checked in the two previous flights showed delayed but my flight, 3595 was showing on time in the airport, via the app, and on the board. Around the time our plane was suppose to board – 5:45, the previous flight had just landed and started boarding so I went to the desk to ask for a flight update.

There was a plain clothes employee there who said that my flight (3595) was now delayed until 7:20 and that I would miss my flight to Detroit as a result. He said I could go to Dallas, but I’d have to stay in Dallas on my own dime because the delay was weather related. When I asked more questions, he said he had to go, grabbed his backpack, scanned his plane ticket and boarded the plane.

When the employee finally finished checking in the previous flight he set out to “help” me. He said he could get me to Detroit by way of Dallas, then flying to Phoenix, and taking the red eye to get me into Detroit at 6am.

When I told him that wouldn’t work, he rescheduled me for a flight 5785 the following day at 8:15am the following day and then flight AA 43 to Detroit. When I asked if he was rebooking me for the same flight I paid for (First class), he said no that the flights had been checked in full for first class and that he wouldn’t be able to get me the same ticket and that I should get a refund for my extra seat purchases (both first class and economy plus).

What he didn’t tell me is that he booked me in a middle seat for my flight to Detroit.

So I went from FIRST CLASS, to an economy middle seat and being told there was nothing more they would do for me.

So I called your AA reservation number and talked with Tanya. Actually that’s not true, I called, got placed on hold and then had to wait 30 minutes for a call back from her.

When we talked she said the following:

Because I had already checked in (I hadn’t) for the flight, she would need to cancel all my tickets and start over. So she did.

But, then when she did that she said the plane tickets were in control of the airport and she could not assign me any seats and I’d have to wait til I showed up to the airport to get my seat assigned.

The problem is, I already had my seats assigned from the gate agent – including an exit row seat from Lubbock to Dallas and now I have no seat assignments.

I went from an economy plus, then first class to a middle seat, and now unknown.
I had an exit row seat for my flight out of Lubbock (5785) and now I have nothing.

And here’s the best part – Tanya told me that I HAVE to call you guys after my flights to get a refund for my extra ticket and first class purchase even though you guys can’t honor my ticket.

That’s right, I have to do the work for you to give me back my money because you can’t fly me the way I paid to be.

This is on top of the now 1.5 hours I’ve spent on hold and calling or waiting for call back from your travel center.

So AA, explain to me how this is fair to me, the customer.

I paid for my flight, I showed up on time, NO ONE notified anyone in the airport about the delays until it was too late to be put on the earlier flight. Then I had to be rebooked the following day, in the morning, with no guaranteed seats and the ones I did have are now gone due to your ticket agents error.

So tell me, is this how American Airlines responds to these issue? I called your reservation desk, they can’t help, the ticket desk can’t help or refund me my money.

So I don’t want to hear you’re sorry, I don’t want an apology, I want to know what ACTIONS you’re going to take to make this right for me as a customer?

At a minimum I want all of my money refunded for the extra seats I bought (economy plus and then first class), I do not want to do a middle seat for my flight to Detroit, and I expect some type of compensation for my time and frustration of having to deal with this.

Original Flights:
LBB to DFW: AA 3595
DFW to Detroit: AA 2583 – Economy Plus, then First Class

Gate Agent Change
LBB to DFW: AA 5785 – Exit Row Seat
DFW to Detroit: AA 43 – Economy, 22D Middle Seat

Reservation Agent Change
LBB to DFW: AA 5785 – Seat Unknown
DFW to Detroit: AA 43 – Seat Unknown


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