Abraham Alexander Is An Enigma

Abraham Alexander.

Don’t worry if you don’t know his name, it’s his story (and the lessons behind it) I want to share with you.

While in London for the Marketing Summit, I arrived on the final day of the Texas Music Takeover 2018.

Jet lagged and sleep deprived, I somehow convinced our hotel to let me change in the bathroom and hold all our luggage so my girlfriend and I could make our bleary eyed way to the venue.

Upon arrival I learned two important things.

First, the time on the website was wrong and we were 2 hours early for the concert. We had arrived before most of the artist even had a chance to sound check.

Fuck. My. Life.

Second, that salted beef is life.

I was taught the second lesson by Grady Spencer who is not only a great friend but he was also apart of the London takeover of Texas Americana music as well.

His band – Grady Spencer and the Work are amazing and you should check them out and see them live whenever you can.

After eating my body weight in salted beef,  I waddled my way back to the venue where I first saw Abraham Alexander.

He’s a good looking guy, I’m guessing mid twenties, in shape and sharp dresser with impressive shoes and style.

He must be one of the beautiful people of London here to see the show I thought.

Far too cultured and good looking for my taste and New Balance shoes.

It turns out I was wrong.

Abraham was actually one of the first performers of the afternoon and here’s where things got really interesting.

He was incredible. His voice, his tone, his style… It’s hard to describe (he describes it as Bluesy Soul) but it was unique enough to catch my attention and interest immediately.

After the show he slipped out the back before I had time to go full fan girl on him and learn more about him or buy a copy of his album.

No worries, Spotify to the rescue.

A quick search revealed … one song.

A highly political tune (imo) called America which is totally different than the songs I just heard him sing live.

What gives?

Next I turned to trusty YouTube to add more Abraham Alexander music to my life.

Surely they have some grainy sideways cell phone recorded concert footage for me to binge over until I can buy his EP or album somewhere ?!?

Ummm not exactly.

Instead I found this.

Only 3, maybe 4 videos total of him performing.

All professionally produced, all covering virtually the same 2 songs.

In total, after my extensive online research I found a total of  …. 3 songs by Abraham Alexander.

I was dumbfounded by this.

I mean here’s a kid who has practically grown up in the social media generation and yet I can’t find much about him online.

There’s his sparse Facebook page.

His highly curated Instagram page.

Even his website didn’t give away much. 

What was this kid doing?!?

Doesn’t he know that in order to be successful in the music business today he has to sell his soul to the social media machine?

Videos, streaming, podcast, blogs, websites, tour schedules, shitty cover songs & poorly recorded attempts at recreation for the world to quickly devour and enjoy before moving on to something else.

And yet, he had very little of it.

What gives?

It wasn’t until I found this interview that everything changed.

After listening to the Cinderblock Podcast, my eyes began to open and my brain finally saw the genius behind Abraham Alexander’s plan.

It starts with his background.

Abraham is originally from Greece and his family (his mom, dad, brother and him) immigrated to the United States (the Dallas Texas area specifically) when he was just a teenager.

Like most teenagers he was into professional wrestling and playing video games with his brother.

It was during one of those video game sessions with his brother that Abraham  world would be forever changed.

A knock at the door, the police asking to speak to his father, and then the unspeakable sounds of tragedy, mourning and loss.

His mother was gone.

Taken away by a drunk driver on her way home from work.

Afterwords, a haze of Abraham’s life follows.

When Abraham emerges, he finds himself newly adopted (along with his brother) by his US English teacher.

Unlike most teens, Abraham spends a majority of his time trying to learn the language so he could adapt to living in the United States.

He learns English from popular US music videos, he picks up a guitar along the way and that very quickly brings us to today.

After all my research on him to this point, Abraham Alexander is still an enigma to me and it turns out that’s by design.

Because here is what you’re not seeing.

Abraham Alexander is strategic with his message and his music.

He doesn’t want you to be able to hear or see a majority of his work online.

He doesn’t want to play at every bar in America or spend his life on the road opening up for others bands for years in obscurity.

Instead he’s got a different plan.

One that involves a little mystery and very few options.

Sure there are a few digital breadcrumbs here and there to get you interested and excited in him.

But just enough to wet your appetite for more of his music.

You try to satisfy that itch through YouTube, but you can’t.

The only thing that can stop the cravings for more of his music is seeing him live.

But good luck doing that.

His website shows no future tour dates booked and for now.

Since Abraham has a day job in banking, he can be selective with where he plays and how the audience is able to experience and interact with him.

It is all a part of a mystery that sounds him.

There’s a reason only high quality videos of his performances are online.

It’s the same reason you always see him dressed stylishly.

Don’t get me wrong, there is substance behind the style.

His relationship with the Lord lead to an understanding of his mothers death.

But I can’t help but still feel for the little boy inside crying for her with this song:

It’s his faith that serves as his foundation and it’s personal experiences in life that fuel his soulful music to this day.

Abraham just signed a record deal with Mahogany records (based out of London no less) who seem to match his style and overall vibe perfectly.

For him less is more.

Fewer options to see or hear him online lead you to wanting to see him live.

It is the only way to hear his entire musical experience after all.

When you get excited from that experience and start being really into his music you can’t share it with the world easily.

Instead you can only share his curated content and the personal pleas to your friends and family that they HAVE to see him live to truly experience him.

It is the only way to hear his entire musical experience after all 😉

And the cycle continues.

As for the future …

An album will come only when Abraham Alexander is ready for it to.

And that my friends is exactly how Abraham Alexander wants it.

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