Ep. 29 – A Very Special Two Drink Tim – Two Tokes w/ Brad Gosse

In this special two toke tim podcast with Brad Gosse, we talk about being able to command higher fees, a simple money hack that has made me $100,000 extra, and all things Vegan ;-)

Ep. 28 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Dumpster Fires, Deadbeats, and The Filipino Wrecking Crew

Tim talks about all the horrible ways he’s messed up hiring people through his career and the lessons he’s learned from hiring Dumpster Fires, Deadbeats, and The Filipino Wrecking Crew.

Ep. 27 – Two Drink Tim Returns

Two Drink Tim returns and tells you where he disappeared to in 2014 and why January was SO BAD it got it’s own podcast. Oh and he tries one of those fancy openers that he’s sure everyone is going to hate.

Ep. 26 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Death, Taxes & HoneyHoney

Tim butchers the Canadian National Anthem then talks about death, taxes, honeyhoney, accepting others, loving yourself and a whole bunch of other random topics this week with the Two Drink Tim Podcast.

Ep. 25 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Are You Protecting This?

Tim talks about the most important thing you need to protect personally and professionally. Also he talks about a recent run in with haters and how a simple change can save you a lot of money.

Ep. 24 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Hello Dumpster Fire

Tim talks about all the staff mistakes he’s made in the past and the new direction he’s taking moving forward.


Ep. 23 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Baptized By The Funk

Tim talks about the funk hanging over his business this month and what he’s doing to understand and overcome it! He also talks about a new direction in his business and why you shouldn’t sell yourself short

Ep. 22 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Money, Money, Money

Tim talks about his hang ups with money and how it impacts every part of his life. He also shares stories from his childhood and what he’s doing to overcome these issues.


Ep. 21 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – Beware Of The Buddha

This week Tim talks shares his “showered and ready” mixup at home PLUS talks about why you should be afraid of hiring budda’s in your business.

Ep. 20 – Two Drink Tim Podcast – JVZoo Event Recap + Business Shakeup

Tim recaps what he learned at the JVZoo event and the 5 major takeaways for his business. He also talks about empowering others and some major business developments

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